We repair brakes on all Import, Domestic and Exotic cars and trucks. We work on simple brake jobs( pads & shoes) to complete brake systems (ABS, Air Brakes). Even heavy-duty dump trucks.

New Replacement Car Brakes

Wheel Cylinders and Calipers

This is a disc brake caliper. The brake pad is on the inside and outside of the sandwiched brake rotor. The brake caliper squeezes the brake pads together trapping the disk rotor. This is what brings your car to a stop.

Drums and Rotors

Cracks and heat can cause your brakes to Fade and Pulsate when your trying to stop or cause steering wheel to shutter.

Replacement Car brake pad and rotor

Signs of Brake Failure

1. Anytime the brake warning light comes on. This usually means a loss of hydraulic pressure in one of the two systems. Often the brake pedal will travel further than normal.

2. Any changes in pedal action or height. A spongy pedal or a hard pedal are two signs to look for.

3. Any noise each time the brakes are applied. Many brake systems have a built in warning device that makes a noise when the brake linings and pads need replacement. To drive further maybe damage some more expensive parts.

Real Bad Car Rotor

Bad Rotor

Brand New Car Brakes

New Rotor