Engine Cutaway

We can diagnose any engine problem on all Import, Domestic and Exotic cars and trucks. We have Snap-on scanners, scopes, and a Alldata computer program full of data about repair procedures, labor time estimating, wiring diagrams, scheduled maintenance, TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) produce by the car manufacturers. Notify us of new problems and dealer recalls. This data is updated constantly. We also have Internet access to tech support.

Engine Custom Builds

Truck Lifts, Differential air Lockers, Land cruiser Diesel conversations, Truck Flat Bed conversions, Minor Boat motor repairs, Full Boat Trailer repairs.

Bad Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors

Clean fuel injectors are a must for peak engine performance, fuel economy and emissions. If injectors are dirty and can’t deliver their normal dose of fuel, performance, fuel economy and emissions are all going to suffer. Dirty injectors can’t flow as much fuel as clean ones, nor can they deliver the correct spray patterns that is so essential for clean, efficient combustion. The fuel feedback control system will compensate for the leaning effect once it is in closed loop, but it can’t correct the underlying condition that is causing the problem. The injectors need to be cleaned, if an engine is experiencing any of the classic symptoms of dirty injectors, such as lean misfire, rough idle, hesitation and stumbling on light acceleration, a loss of power, and higher hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

Typical Fuel Injetion

Typical Injection

Pre Injection

Pre Injection