Exhaust Muffler

We repair any complete exhaust to original spec’s. We also install complete custom exhaust systems (headers, large diameter pipe, flow master mufflers, and chrome tail pipe.)

Your car’s exhaust system is crucial to your car’s performance affecting safety, pollution and comfort.

We specialize in installation of catalytic Converters at very reasonable prices.

Roosevelt Bridge Tire & Auto has been providing exhaust work and exhaust systems since 1999. Roosevelt Bridge Tire & Auto offers a wide range of products from performance to factory stock, which includes mufflers, headers, catalytic converters, and exhaust tips.

Under Car Exhaust System


Custom Exhaust System


Custom Exhaust Work

Our customers have the option to choose a line of Walker replacement mufflers that are backed by a lifetime warranty, which are also known for being one of the best quality. All exhaust systems are back by a complete one-year warranty on exhaust pipes and labor.

When you experience your vehicle running a little noisier than usual give Roosevelt Bridge Tire & Auto a call and our ASE technicians will be pleased to inspect your vehicle, review your vehicle’s needs and provide the best or most economical solution.